Оptional analysis of gate systems for large-sized iron casting

Authors: Klyukvina T.D., Puklinov D.V.
Published in issue: #6(23)/2018
DOI: 10.18698/2541-8009-2018-6-332

Category: Mechanical Engineering and Machine Science | Chapter: foundry

Keywords: сasting, simulation, defect, shrinkage hole, solidification, gating and feeding system, flow-3D, sand mold
Published: 18.06.2018

The article analyzes the constructions of gating and feeding systems of various types for the large-sized casting “Sheave” from the alloy Vch35: the system with the ring-shaped skim gate, the central system with the cruciform feeding gate, the central system with the plate-shaped feeding gate and sprue base. We have conducted a preliminary calculation of the gate system elements (feeding gate, skim gate, downgate, heads) by means of the Dittert method. The simulation of the casting and melt solidification processes with the aid of the software package FLOW-3D has been realized. It is intended to manufacture the casting by means of founding into the sand molds. According to the simulation results we have chosen a gate system, the application of which prevents the defects of the “shrinkage holes” type from occurring and ensures smooth filling of the mold channels.


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