Using the debug board STM32F3 discovery for studying the microcontrollers with the nucleus ARM

Authors: Makarov D.O., Antonov A.S.
Published in issue: #3(20)/2018
DOI: 10.18698/2541-8009-2018-3-271

Category: Mechanical Engineering and Machine Science | Chapter: Robots, Mechatronics, and Robotic Systems

Keywords: microcontroller, STM32F303VC, control, single-chip computer, debug board, function library, Advanced RISC Machine, nucleus Cortex-M4, UART
Published: 27.02.2018

The article considers the foundations of programming the microcontrollers STM32F3 family based on the Advanced RISC Machine nucleus ARM Cortex-M4 with the architecture ARMv7M. We introduce a description of the debug board Discoverykitwith STM32F303 MCU and list out the key points of using the documentation in the process of studying the microcontroller. The article describes in detail the microcontroller’s operating with peripheral equipment through the use of the manufacturer’s library StdPeriph. We have solved the problem of peripheral equipment control through the remote terminal. In the course of solution we have configured the input-output ports and the sequential port of the microcontroller. To exchange information with the computer we use standard interface UART.


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