The order of establishing a business confidentiality regime in the organization

Authors: Gorodilova Yu.L.
Published in issue: #6(23)/2018
DOI: 10.18698/2541-8009-2018-6-338

Category: Jurisprudence | Chapter: Civil and business law

Keywords: production secret, know-how, commercial secret, confidential information, technical measures, the results of intellectual activity, disclosure of information, patenting
Published: 27.06.2018

The article deals with the order of establishing a business confidentiality regime in the organization concerning the results of intellectual activity. Know-how is a production secret, which is supposed to be used in a confidential mode. Protection of know-how by the employer consists in the adoption of a number of measures ensuring that it is kept in secret, since the third parties cannot be admitted to such data other than in agreement with the right holder by virtue of the concluded nondisclosure agreement. It is shown that in the aims of providing the security of confidential information as the information constituting commercial secret the organization must take a number of actions to secure a business confidentiality regime. As a general matter, such actions are taken in order to preserve the commercial value of information and subsequently make profit when conducting a business.


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