Comparative analysis of cartographic services software interfaces

Authors: Kostarev K.P., Bychkov B.I.
Published in issue: #6(59)/2021
DOI: 10.18698/2541-8009-2021-6-706

Category: Informatics, Computer Engineering and Control | Chapter: System Analysis, Control, and Information Processing

Keywords: SDK, API, software interface, framework, mobile application, map service, geographic map, map completeness
Published: 24.06.2021

The paper considers the problems solved in modern mobile applications using maps. A comparative analysis of cartographic services for use in mobile applications on the territory of Russia was carried out according to the following criteria: functional content, completeness of maps and software documentation, type of license. The analysis covers such services as Google Maps, Mapbox Maps, Apple Maps, Yandex.Maps. Particular attention is paid to the comparison of the completeness of maps on the territory of Russia, which was carried out for various types of objects in different territories. The analysis showed that among the services considered, Google Maps has the widest set of functions, Yandex.Maps are the most complete in Russia, and Google Maps and Mapbox Maps provide the most elaborate documentation. Based on the analysis results, recommendations were formulated for the use of each service in various categories of mobile applications: navigators, travel guides, map editors, etc.
Keywords: SDK, API, software interface, framework, mobile application, map service, geographic map, map completeness


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