Comparative analysis of national design models of Great Britain, France and Italy

Authors: Egorova E.A.
Published in issue: #6(59)/2021
DOI: 10.18698/2541-8009-2021-6-704

Category: Humanities | Chapter: Social sciences

Keywords: industrial design, national design models, design history, European design, style, product design, Great Britain, France, Italy
Published: 17.06.2021

The article is devoted to the study of three national design models of Great Britain, France and Italy in the form of a comparative analysis. The main criteria of comparison are highlighted and explained. The key features of the styles are presented, based on the works of famous historians and theorists in the field of design. In addition to the theoretical overview, graphic images of one industrial facility in three corresponding styles are given, which makes the comparative analysis clearer and more visual both for people who are directly related to the field of design, and for those who are less close to it.


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