New forms of visual arts in the 21st century

Authors: Egorova E.A.
Published in issue: #4(57)/2021
DOI: 10.18698/2541-8009-2021-4-687

Category: Humanities | Chapter: Social sciences

Keywords: fine arts, computer graphics, digital painting, contemporary art, digital art, bitmap graphics, vector graphics, image editors, artist, technique
Published: 20.04.2021

At the theoretical level, the paper considers new phenomena in the visual arts, which are caused by the incessant process of computerization and digitalization, and describes the main modern trends in painting and graphics. Based on classical artistic principles, new artistic phenomena are moving away from an all-out adherence to academism and employing completely new tools. The process of dematerialization of the culture of the 21st century is caused primarily by the birth of virtual reality, the era of computer technology. Through the transformation of the cultural language, modern phenomena arise in each of the art forms, bringing all art as a whole to a fundamentally new stage of development.


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